The delicious food at the Snack Shack is provided by Olmo!

You can check out their menu here!



 My name is Jason Sobocinski and some of you may know me from a few of the businesses that I am involved in around New Haven or because our kids go to Alphabet Academy/ Spring Glen School together. I'm also a fellow Ridge Top member! 

My newest venture, Olmo located at 93 Whitney Ave, New Haven (formerly Caseus Fromagerie Bistro) is a family friendly restaurant striving to serve our community healthier and even more delicious food than ever. We're excited to announce ourselves as the new Ridge Top Snack Shack!

We are asking members to purchase a $50 gift certificated as start up for us! This gift certificate is good at the Snack Shack, but also at Olmo's bagel/ cheese shop and restaurant. We also recently launched Olmo@Home, our family meal pick up service designed for families that want conveniently delicious dinners!

We are also offering a 10% bump on any gift certificate purchase over $100. Buy $100 gift certificate, get $110 to spend as you like. This start up money will get us the products and equipment we need to get the Snack Shack back online and rocking for the summer. Click here to purchase a gift card.


Thank you all for your support and excitement in getting Olmo@RidgeTop launched! 

We look forward to serving you delicious summer fare made with love and care!

Jason and the Olmo Team!