The Junior Tennis Team is open to all Ridge Top juniors who can serve from the baseline. All players should be prepared to play against other clubs. 

 Tennis Team Practice Times

Tennis Team Membership Fee: $75 for one child and $65 for each additional child
Weekly practices will aslo be held during the season, times TBD
Matches are Thursdays, schedule below. 

All interclub matches are Thursday’s from 1-3 pm at various clubs around the area.

There will be six matches.

Please try to get your child to the site by 12:45 pm. Carpooling with friends is encouraged.

2019 Junior Interclub Schedule 


June 20

10u Farms 10u Woodbridge
12u Paradise 12u High Lane
14u Pine Orchard 14u Ridgetop
150 Paugusset Hamden
all 15o at Paugusset

June 27

10u Paugusset 10u High Lane
12u Woodbridge 12u Farms
14u Ridgetop 14u Paradise
15o Pine Orchard Hamden
all 15o at Pine Orchard

July 11

10u High Lane 10u Ridgetop
12u Paugusset 12u Pine Orchard
14u Woodbridge 14u Farms
15o Paradise Hamden

all 15o at Paradise

July 18

10u Woodbridge 10u Paugusset
12u Pine Orchard 12u High Lane
14u Paradise 14u Farms
15o Ridgetop Hamden

all 15o at Ridgetop

July 25

10u Paradise 10u Pine Orchard
12u Ridgetop 12u Farms
14u High Lane 14u Paugusset
15o Woodbridge all 15o at Woodbridge Hamden

2019 Championship Week

Monday July 29 – League Meeting at Woodbridge Club – 7:00pm

Tuesday July 30 – Preliminary Rounds – 9:00am Singles, 10:30am Doubles

10u Girls – Woodbridge Club
10u Boys – Pine Orchard
12u Girls – Ridgetop
12u Boys – Paradise
14u Girls – High Lane
14u Boys – Farms
15o Girls and Boys – Paugusset

Wednesday July 31 – Rain Date for Preliminaries

Thursday August 1 – Singles Semis’ and Finals, Doubles Finals at High Lane

Friday August 2 – Rain Date for Finals at High Lane (if rain possible Oak Lane Indoor Tennis Club)